Nevada Blueprint:
Empowering Hardworking Nevada Families


Fellow Nevadans:

Nevada is America’s opportunity state, and we are inspired every day by the spirit of hardworking Nevadans who make this state a great place to live, work and raise a family.

As a state, we have come a long way since the Great Recession, but we know that stagnant wages and a higher cost of living have left too many Nevadans feeling left behind. Many Nevadans still feel that government doesn’t work for regular people.

It is time to open up a new frontier to hold government accountable and empower Nevada families.

Hardworking Nevadans should be able to get a good-paying job that can support a family, send their kids to good schools, have access to quality health care, and earn a secure retirement. Success should not be reserved only for the rich and powerful.

We believe that we can create a brighter, better future for every Nevada family by investing in our schools, teachers, and higher education and job training. We must build a more diverse economy that helps small businesses grow, creates jobs, and makes Nevada a national leader in technology, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy jobs.

We also need to protect our heritage. That means preserving Nevada’s natural environment, protecting our constitutional rights, and making it easier for our citizens to participate in the democratic process.

To that end, we offer our Nevada Blueprint – an agenda outlining our principles and legislative goals for the 2017 Legislative Session. Together we will make each day as bright and full of promise as we can.


Aaron D. Ford   

Senate Majority Leader


Jason Frierson

Speaker of the Assembly

Better Schools

More funding for our schools and more choices for parents.

We believe that we must invest in public education, put great teachers in every classroom, and give teachers the resources they need to help their students succeed. Parents should have more choices and more say in how their kids’ schools are run. Nevada students deserve highly qualified teachers and a rigorous curriculum that helps them achieve their very best.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
    • Provide an influx of badly needed funding to our schools through a tax on recreational marijuana sales and dedicate funds directly to public education.
    • Repeal mandates and reduce high-stakes testing so that students and teachers can focus on learning, not just learning the test.
    • Make financial literacy a curriculum requirement so students learn basic life skills like balancing a checkbook or establishing good credit.
    • Provide parents with full public school choice through the creation of more magnet schools and career and technical academies, expanded open-enrollment and a well-regulated charter system.
    • Prepare our students for high-tech jobs by providing well-funded Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education programs.
    • Enact a Back-to-School sales tax holiday so parents can shop for school supplies tax free.

Higher Education

We can’t attract new businesses if we don’t have an educated workforce ready to be hired. Nevada must offer a variety of higher education and job training programs to be competitive. That’s why we will keep costs at four-year universities low while expanding affordable job training and community college programs that that allow students to be job-ready in less time and for less money.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
    • Make it easier for Nevada families to save for college and create a refinancing program to help Nevadans get out of student loan debt faster.
    • Cap costs at community colleges and fund new community college and vocational training programs, particularly those for emerging and new industry jobs.
    • Make Nevada a leader in healthcare education by fully-funding the UNLV medical school and expanding health sciences programs at community colleges.
    • Expand “Teach Nevada” scholarships and loan incentives for students who study education and commit to teach in Nevada schools.

Jobs of the Future

Diversifying Nevada’s economy will help end the cycle of boom and bust while making Nevada an easier place to bring, start and grow a business.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
    • Make Nevada a leader in the new energy economy by setting renewable energy standards that will encourage solar and other renewable technologies to grow.
    • Offer “fast-track” job training and retraining programs to prepare Nevadans for new jobs, particularly in the advanced manufacturing and technology fields.
    • Promote energy efficiency, energy storage standards, residential and community solar, and other programs that will both create new jobs and help Nevada transition to more clean energy consumption.
    • Provide apprenticeships for vocational training on publicly funded projects.

Putting Nevada Jobs & Workers First

To expand economic opportunities, we must help small businesses expand and grow, hold corporations accountable to make sure that the jobs we are promised actually come and, most importantly, put Nevada businesses and jobs first.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
    • Give Nevada businesses the first crack at state contracts, so that our tax dollars are spent boosting Nevada businesses and Nevada workers first.
    • Help local business get off the ground by providing small business loans, reduced red tape and small business incubators to help people start and grow their businesses.
    • Offer tax credits for employers who provide or help their employees cover the cost of child care.
    • Hold corporations accountable when they take tax incentives to make sure that the jobs we are promised actually come to Nevada.

Security for our Families

Health and security should be our top priority, whether that means protecting seniors from fraud and abuse, ensuring insurance companies cover basic services that families depend on, or holding corporations accountable so Nevadans are treated fairly on the job. Making Nevada the best place to live, work, and raise our families starts with treating families with decency and fairness.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
  • Protect retirement savings and pensions and crack down on senior fraud and abuse to protect the savings for which our seniors have worked so hard.
  • Ensure Nevadans are paid what they’ve earned by toughening penalties for wage theft.
  • Require that men and women are paid equally for doing the same work and set a living wage so everyone has the opportunity to provide for their family.
  • Protect workers from exploitation by protecting their right to organize.
  • Implement an earned sick leave program so employees can take a day off when they or their immediate family members get sick.
  • Require health insurance companies to cover basic preventative care, such as cancer screenings, women’s health services, and screenings for autism in children.
  • Improve quality of life by improving the quality of healthcare for seniors, particularly cognitive and palliative care.

Protecting Nevada’s Heritage  & our Rights

Protecting our future means respecting our natural environment, honoring our veterans, and safeguarding our most basic rights.

Our Nevada Blueprint Will:
  • Keep our public lands in public hands so that they remain open for hunting, fishing, hiking, and recreation.
  • Increase accountability and improve administration of state benefits for veterans so that those who served our country are treated with the respect they deserve.
  • Honor Nevada’s culture of freedom and personal liberty by protecting Nevadans of all backgrounds from discrimination, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or immigration status.
  • Make sure Nevada’s criminal justice system is fair to everyone. Fight to ensure that voting is free, fair, and accessible for all eligible voters in Nevada.